Fw: ISS Pass in Armidale a SUCCESS!

From: Brad Young (allenb_young@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jul 05 2012 - 00:55:50 UTC

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    Chris Wyatt sends us results from the ISS transit of the moon 3 July from 
    Australia. ISS is visible from frames 447 to 461:
    See video description for technical details. Chris adds:
    "I used the JAVA ISS Transit Predict (Ed Morana) which put out KML files t 
    Google Earth, so when i got my position i uploaded my site details and did the 
    prediciton again, and they pretty much were the same, so then i used Guide 9.0 
    which has a link to automatically upload TLE's, got the satellites to 
    display, and entered my intended site co-ords as my location and checked the 
    transit again.
    The thing that Ed's program doesn't do is show the positions on the moon 
    where the event will happen, but using Guide 9.0 i was able to "see" 
    where the transit would have taken place, so using my GStar ExC camera 
    (astrovid) i was able to attempt to locate the path of the ISS across the moon, 
    as the time got closer i tried to "guide" manually the Dob and hodl it 
    in the predicted path, as it happened i thought i missed it, but when i replayed 
    it was there!
    Took some doing but i knew i could do it if the prediction held out, so i was 
    able to double check Ed's program with that of Guide 9.0's and as long 
    as they concurred i was confident".
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