Try seeing a sat pass the moon, but at least I got to see nice lunar occulation video

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Jul 26 2011 - 08:32:06 UTC

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    I had a SL-8 R/B predicted to pass across the moon.
    I aimed at the moon, and didn't see it.
    But a short time later, I got to see a nice bright star pop from behind the moon. 
    It was Kappa Tua 1, at a nice bright magnitude of 4.
    It reappeared at 8:08:14.151 utc ( July 26 )
    Since the moon, is in orbit around the moon, it's a satellite, so this post is on topic, he he he  :)
    Better go hide, before the moderator comes for me. 
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