Re: GPS 2F-2 launch in ~6 hours

From: Sean Sullivan (
Date: Sat Jul 16 2011 - 04:00:15 UTC

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    Does anyone happen to know the GPS 2F-2 launch trajectory and sequence 
    well enough to guess at the range of visibility?  Spaceflight Now 
    sometimes has this information, but I didn't see anything posted for this 
    flight.  I'm in Boston and have had good results with watching night 
    shuttle launches and an occasional high-inclination unmanned flight out of 
    CCAFS (and also the recent Minotaur from VA).  But when I've looked at 
    Delta flight trajectories they've usually been easterly out of CCAFS 
    without northerly viewing opportunities.
    On a related note, since I'm sending an e-mail to the list, here's a link 
    to my photo pictoral from the STS-135 launch.
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