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Date: Tue Jul 27 2010 - 21:37:09 UTC

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    hi all,
    I also have taken a picture of Soyuz with my telescope, it's easy to 
    recognize the body and the solar panels:
    and also a lot of other satellites with different shapes and 
    You think it's nice? Thank you, but I have to tell you the truth: 
    these images are not satellites, it's just a star: Vega. More 
    explanations on this page:
    Of course Ralf, this concerns all your other satellites images, 
    including the images of the ISS where you claim records of astronaut 
    during EVA and Cupola's windows...
    At 12:21 19/06/2010, Ralf Vandebergh wrote:
    >subject: 2010/06/17_Soyuz TMA-19 and its Rocket_color version
    >Finally a version with little increased color saturation.
    >Ralf Vandebergh
    >   Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2010 2:08 PM
    >       Subject: 2010/06/17_Soyuz TMA-19 and its Rocket
    >       subject: 2010/06/17_Soyuz TMA-19 and its Rocket
    >       The Soyuz TMA-19, just launched on Tuesday, captured with the 
    > third stage
    >       of its Rocket, the last separated stage before the Soyuz 
    > reached orbit.
    >       The Rocket passed about 15 minutes before the manned Soyuz, in a lower
    >       orbit, causing a lower altitude above the horizon. Apparant speed of
    >       the Soyuz and especially the Rocket was much higher then the ISS,
    >       due to the lower orbit, and therefore a challenge for fully manually
    >       tracking as I did. I never was able to capture a stage of the Soyuz
    >       Rocket earlier, and I'm satisfied, you can clearly make out the
    >       shape of the Rocket stage. Those Soyuz rockets are never long visible
    >       cause they enter the Earth Atmosphere pretty fast.
    >       The Soyuz either is never long visible as it docks quickly
    >       to the ISS within 2 days after launch.
    >       Imaging: 10inch Newtonian, manually tracked.
    >       Ralf Vandebergh
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