twlight pass of the OTV, and to see what the other sat was.

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Jul 06 2010 - 14:05:16 UTC

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    OTV passing by Sig Cap
    Area of sky
    20 h 24 m R.A
    -18 deg 37 min Dec
    Now to see what other sat's passed by that area last night, including a UBO ( Unid bright object ) from the other night. I thought it was milstar 3, based on the path it took, which to me, I thought was milstar 3, being off in in time, since it's orbit was old, and that it passed a short time after some noss satellites, as it would have to my illogical way of thinking, but seems it wasn't. Will have to check the video, which I started recording, after I was outside, saw the bright object, and bolted for the inside, to activate the recorder. I had seen the noss pass by, while looking at the tv, then the nice bright object.
    I won't be suprise, if it's some satellite, I miss id.
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