ISS/Progress sighting

From: Don (
Date: Sun Jul 04 2010 - 04:31:31 UTC

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    Hi everyone;
    Saw the Station flying in tight formation with Progress
    at 00:04 EDT (04:04 GMT) low (19 degrees elevation) north
    of Michigan tonight.  They were barely distinguishable
    as two objects.  First time to spot them in formation
    like that.  Had totally forgotton about Progress (in
    spite of reading mails about the sightings in the UK a
    few hours ago) until realizing that ISS really looked
    like a double image.
    No timings, no exact magnitude info, just a satisfied customer.
    "Failure is not an option"
    Gene Krantz
    Lead Flight Controller at Mission Control
    during the flight of Apollo 13
    (one of my personal heros)
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