Re: What did I see?

Date: Fri Jul 02 2010 - 20:07:13 UTC

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    A little late, but I think the sat you were seeing back then was AMSAT OSCAR-13?
    Found this message in the seesat archives from Nov 96:
    I saw a high apogee / low perigee object from New Brunswick about 1996?
    One of the Cosmos R/B as I recall and the perigee was on the order of 60
    Trailing about a 3-5 degree plasma trail.
    I have no doubt that Ted Molczan could provide the old message.
    As a twist of circumstance I saw the pass of the rocket body of the object
    and was in Toronto the night (a few years later) the satellite itself
    re-entered but could not join him to watch as it was much too late at night.
    Stephen Bolton
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