Progress M-06M & Rocket, few hours after launch

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Date: Thu Jul 01 2010 - 14:57:07 UTC

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    subject: Progress M-06M & Rocket, few hours after launch
    As weather continues to be good here, a very rare occasion,
    I succeeded to capture the just launched Progress M-06M 
    while it passed 66 N, flying W-E. Apparent speed is much
    higher short after launch, and getting good images is
    no easy job, as generally never is, with these small
    spacecraft. Observing/lighting angle is not as nice
    as with the recent M-04M image, but I'm quite satisfied,
    expecially as I never caught a Progress so short after
    The rocket passes about 1.5 minutes at 62N before the Progress
    and a nice regular flashing pattern was visible.
    Capturing the rocket was a difficult job, due to
    the dim moments, were I lost the rocket out of view,
    while the flashes were too short to get it well
    centered back. This is a general problem with flashing
    satellites with very dim moments. The Soyuz TMA-19
    rocket which I captured earlier, was much more steady
    in brightness, but showed still flashes (thanks to
    observations of visual satellite observer Wim Holwerda).
    It became never dim, so I got the rocket much better
    centered and captured more frames.
    The few frames I captured of the Progress M-06M rocket
    are quite interesting and I made an animation of it.
    You see only a part of one tumbling/rotation, and is
    captured within one second. Note the already visible
    tumbling effect and difference in brightness:
    Ralf Vandebergh
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