Unknown object seen near ISS/STS-127 pass this evening.

From: Chuck Gelm (chuck2009@gelm.org)
Date: Sat Jul 25 2009 - 02:48:21 UTC

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    I use Heavens-Above.com to find visible objects.
    My Lat/Lon is
     Current observing site: *Kettering, 39.6890N, 84.1690W
    I am on EDST (GMT-4).
    Heavens-Above indicated an ISS/STS-127 pass this evening
    from 22:11:05 to 22:15:20.
    While watching the pass, just after 22:14:00 (perigee to me?)
    I noticed another dimmer object in a parallel path with ISS/STS.
    It was further ENE and was traveling faster.
    It caught and passed the ISS/STS from my viewing.
    It faded from sunlight sooner and at a higher elevation than
    did the ISS/STS.
     I went back to Heavens-Above and selected dimmer objects
    for display, but there were no other objects displayed.
     I am wondering what this object was.
    Regards, Chuck
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