Re: STS-127 docking on approach to New Zealand

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Jul 17 2009 - 18:45:43 UTC

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    Visibility was in the order of hundreds of metres rather than kilometres 
    owing to low cloud and mist.
    Most frustrating to know I might have been the first in the world to see the 
    docked craft and not to be able to see a darn thing! Hoping the fact I put 
    out the word to others might result in someone having seen it though only 
    the keen ones will be out early on a cold Saturday morning.
    Not looking  like it will clear either for next pass which is a low one to 
    the south: if it weren't for the foggy conditions sky would be lightening 
    but the complex should be quite bright.
    Hoping for better after undocking,  with future missions on hold might be a 
    while before we get to see any more.
    New Zealand
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    Subject: STS-127 docking on approach to New Zealand
    The STS-127 docking is scheduled just as the two spacecraft come over the 
    New Zealand horizon.
    Unfortunately they are in shadow till about 3 minutes after docking. I have 
    put the word out so hopefully there may be some new observers.
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