Double Iridium flare? and Bright trail is a satellite flare?

From: Francisco Ocaņa (
Date: Tue Jul 14 2009 - 09:13:32 UTC

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    Hi list,
    a friend of mine was taking photographs looking for meteors/fireballs 
    and recorded 2 satellites. It was the night of the 12-13th July, from 
    Madrid, Spain.
    The first event took place at 21:53 UT the 12th July (23:53 LT) a 
    "normal" Iridium flare. My surprise was checking at Heavens-Above that 
    the flare consists of 2 satellites (Iridium 61 and 36) around less than 
    a degree apart.  
    Could it be or is the prediction mistaken? I didnīt know that 2 Iridiums 
    could be so close. Image:  
    Not sure if it a double or a single trail.
    The second event was totally unexpected. At 22:30 UT the12 th July 
    (00:30 LT ) a bright flare was photographed. The image is quite 
    different from other planes, helicopters photographed, and it is quite 
    similar to a satellite flare. It lasted around a minute and a half, so 3 
    exposures (of 30 secs) show its trail. I have checked for Iridiums, ISS 
    and other bright sats without success, does anyone know which sat o what 
    it could be? I have uploaded images at:                
    Aproximately it began between Corona and Böotes and ended between kappa 
    (27) and lambda (10) Ophiuchii.
    There is a crop were you can see it crosses close to Corona Borealis 
    (upper right):  
    You can see also Hercules (upper middle) and Lyra (upper left).
    Paco Ocala
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