Question about viewing parties

From: Greg Williams (
Date: Mon Jul 13 2009 - 00:17:17 UTC

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    I was curious to know if there's any kind of satellite "bird-watching"  
    parties that take place and if so how to participate.
    I'm in Tennessee but would be interested in traveling to one in KY/NC/ 
    I know of a few astronomy groups in the area who have gatherings but I  
    don't know if satellite spotting is part of their interests.
    I scoured the FAQ at satobs but didn't see anything on group  
    gatherings.  I'm interested in gatherings where I can share info and  
    learn about others' tricks of the trade so I can post more  
    "appropriate" info.
    Responses are prob best off-list.  I cleared this with someone before  
    posting to ensure it was "on-topic".
    Thanks for the input.
    Greg Williams
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