7-8-9 OT

From: Brad Young (allenb_young@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jul 08 2009 - 08:04:14 UTC

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    So...I went to the observatory (TULSA2) since its forecast clear even though its moony because its nice and cool. Mistake #1
    So, I noticed when I got there (40 miles from home) I didn't have my phone. Or my wallet. Or any gas. Mistakes #2,#3,#4. But its a nice night, and I have a yogurt, a Red Bull, and thou (the sky) 
    I do a little gas mileage calculation, since the last time I filled up was from a $20 my wife lent me when I lost my wallet (it was in my car), and realize it will never be enough. So, I just start observing anyway. Deal with it in the morning. Mistake #5
    Contemplating my place in the universe and the puny desires we have for gas and money and phones, I observe a nice naked eye pass of ISS with its minion, Progress, following behind (3rd time in 2 days), then remember I just missed 34904. [for those who don't know, this is kinda the hot satellite tracked right now] Mistake #6
    I then watch 4 perfect passes of...well, clouds, as they build in. Sensing the gathering doom, I go in to call my wife on the land line. The club took the phone out to install a DSL connection (why couldn't they leave the phone in or tell us?)...#7
    Use Yahoo! Messenger, happen to catch daughter online, ask her to come rescue me. All's well that ends well. Of course the nanosecond she left, it cleared up, so I caught USA 161 when I got home.
    Should've known to never trust a sequential date like 7-8-09
    What a lovely night :O)
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