LCROSS near Izar 8_15UT 7_2

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Date: Wed Jul 01 2009 - 17:33:41 UTC

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    Tonight, the LCROSS satellite will pass about 2 degs, PA225 from Izar (eps Boo) and 1 deg, PA250 from 36 Boo (for my o.p. at W110 N41) at around 8:15UT, July 2, 2009.  Because there are no USPCMD two-line elements,topocentric plots can be generated using the NASA JPL Horizons emphermis generator.
    Two successful imagers have captured the satellite at its current distance as a 16mag object using 16 inches of aperture and both CCD and DSLR cameras at 30 to 60 secs of exposure. 
    See chart at:
    in for detailed local circumstances for W110 N42.  
    For pacific coast and intermountain CONUS observers, given the rising Moon time and increasing lunar skywashout, this probably represents one of the last opportunities to image LCROSS during orbit 1. 
    Clear skies - Kurt 
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