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From: Helen Hart (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2007 - 17:06:41 EDT

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    Hello, all -
    I am a casual satellite observer, confining myself to naked-eye
    observations.  My purpose in joining this list is to expand my
    resources for those occassional "wow, what was THAT!" sightings.  
    I sometimes endeavor to identify the "Wow!"s that my friends tell me
    about, if I can coax enough information out of them - I've been able to
    identify the planets, the space station, and irridium flares this way,
    and created a few new sky watchers in the process :-)  
    Odds are you'll hear very little from me, except for the occassional
    "did you see" question, probably with vague times, vaguer directions,
    and WAG brightness estimates.  
    Helen Hart
    Helen Hart  aitch underscore em underscore hart at yahoo dot cee oh em
    Remember, I'm pullin' for you - we're all in this together.
    --- Red Green
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