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From: John Locker (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 16:34:36 EDT

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    No problems Ralph , its an easy mistake to make as there are no points of 
    reference in the clip other than ISS.
    In a segment just after the "worm" quite a  few objects move through the 
    field of view and these are seen to pass "over" the main array , again 
    between Atlantis and the station.
    I'm now pretty certain it was a strap or short tether used to attach tools 
    to the crew members suit, similar to the one seen in the image here: 
    or possibly a blanket retention tether     , but without access to the post 
    "missing "  inventory  , its not easy to tie down.
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    > John Locker wrote:
    >>Hi Ralph
    >>I doubt thats a satellite. If you watch just about any live video  from
    >>ISS/STS you'll see these objects all the time......given certain lighting
    >>They are usually tiny dust particles flying in formation...
    > Thanks for the clarification.
    >  --Ralph
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