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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2007 - 04:23:44 EDT

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    At 03:22 PM 8/07/2007, Greg Williams wrote:
    >Coordinates of observation: 36.381801, -83.983054
    >Location:  North of Lafollette, Tennessee
    >Object traveling: South to North, towards Big Dipper
    >Rate of flash: 7-8 seconds
    >Altitude:  30 degrees at max (estimate)
    >Time of observation: 11:05 - 11:07 PM Eastern (0304-0307Z)
    >July 7, 2007 (July 8 zulu)
    >I got the family out to watch after seeing 4 sats and meteors, and I 
    >credit my daughter with seeing the mystery object.  It was to our 
    >west, going north.  She said "I see one" and we all turned to look 
    >and saw nothing.  She swore she saw it and we thought maybe it was a 
    >lightning bug (firefly for those outside the sticks :) ) and just as 
    >we were about to look away it came back and really flashed 
    >bright.  A very bright magnitude similar to Jupiter just to the 
    >south.  It went dark again and I counted "one one-thousand, two 
    >one-thousand" and it flashed again from nothing to bright at 7 
    >seconds.  It would start to become visible, and then flash, then 
    >dim.  It did this 4 times that we saw.  It faded out just below the 
    >big dipper as it traveled north.
    Greg, Using a direction of 30 deg elevation bearing 270 and 0305UT in Findsat
    with time error 200 and position error 5 degrees i got quite a few candidates.
    ignoring debris and high satellites, i put the remaining thru heavens-above
    to sort out the direction
    This left 10352 77087A
               11752 80 026C
               20262 89 080C
               27550 02049 A
    please run these thru heavens-above to see which best fitted
    your observation
    Tony Beresford
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