Re: Another decaying Molniya

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2007 - 17:18:34 EDT

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    Nothing seen, conditions cloudy but in any case nothing really expected.
    It has been pointed out to me that the decay of a satellite in a Molniya 
    orbit could not occur near North America as per the prediction below.
    There is a daylight pass over Western Australia at   0104 UTC if the 
    satellite is still in orbit then.  it appears this is a possibility- refer 
    the usual decay websites for more, SpaceTrack probably the least useful!
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    > 20742 Molniya 1-78 ;;is close to decay.
    > At present Calsky shows it as decaying at 2300 UTC over the Northwest of 
    > North America.  Refer also to SpaceTrack for those who have access.
    > We have a daylight pass at 2028 UTC but even if the object were close to 
    > decay at that point conditions here are likely to remain poor.
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