Decay of Molniya 1-83

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2007 - 05:54:40 EDT

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    The Space-Track report on decay of 21897 Molniya 1-83 is very interesting.
    I cannot go into further details as yet owing to the usual SpaceTrack 
    restrictions, at the time of writing the decay does not appear on Obsat and shows the predictions but does not as yet show the final 
    Was not observing at the time, unfortunately I did not track this object,
    had basically given up on observation of any kind owing to the continuing
    poor conditions.
    The one time something like this has probably occurred
    instead of just being a possibility and I miss it!   (I say probably rather
    than definitely in view of the time the Space-Track report was issued and
    the timeframe either side of the reported decay.)
    I have not as yet heard of any sighting reports (or sonic booms if
    applicable)  which could relate to decay of this object.
    New Zealand
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