Re: APT from the Direct 10 launch will have a lower inclination orbit.

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 06:58:03 EDT

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    --- Björn Gimle (GlocalNet) <> wrote:
    > So APT should have perigee close to 400 (?),
    > and apogee higher than 5000 km.
    The last 2 launches, placed the APT into slightly different orbits, even if the planned flight
    profile was shown to be the same.
    The APT for the Anik F3 was placed into approx 316 by 17660 km orbit, inclination 49.4 degrees
    Anik F3 mission overview
    The APT for the MEASAT-3 was placed into approx 321 by 16604 km orbit, inclination 49.5 degrees
    MEASAT-3 mission overview
    You will see the different orbit's listed for both launches, are similar, yet the APT ended up, in
    slightly different orbits. Weight of payload and other factors, I would think have an effect on
    the results.
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