Re: APT from the Direct 10 launch will have a lower inclination orbit.

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Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 05:28:30 EDT

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    Kevin is correct,
    In the dtv-10-mo-final.pdf page two shows
    "Separation of Additional Propellant Tank (APT)"
    between burns three and four, and the latter is TO the orbit I gave.
    So APT should have perigee close to 400 (?),
    and apogee higher than 5000 km.
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    From: "Kevin Fetter"
    > The Intermediate orbit, after the second burn of the upper stage, is a 
    > shown as 258*5000 km with a
    > inclination of 46.8 degrees.
    > Then the 3rd burn occurs until the APT is out of fuel, to place the 
    > upperstage/satellite into a
    > higer orbit. They don't list info on that orbit.
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