Re: Lacrosse 5 "disappearance trick" captured

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2006 - 19:13:09 EDT

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    Gerhard HOLTKAMP wrote:
    > Does anybody have a compact list of all the Lacrosse 5 disappearance
    > observations done so far so we can do more checks?
    A friend also asked me this in private, and this was my answer:
    Going back to my records I find two other occasions that I more or less timed
    (to an accuracy of a few seconds as approximately indicated below, as my focus
    was on preparing the camera for a new shot). Timings refer to the moment
    brightness notably started to drop. My estimate, more or less confirmed by
    yesterdays photograph is that brightness goes from +1.5 to invisible by the
    naked eye within 2-3 seconds.
    2006 March 11, 19:15:05 (+/- 10 s) UTC
    2006 March 14, 19:09:41 (+/- 3 s)  UTC
    On the 26th the Lacrosse lights went out at:
    2006 July 26, 22:58:37 (+/- 2 s) UTC
    I also have notes, without precise times, of failing to pick it up at 2006 March
    6 and 2006 March 22 (the latter at the 19:30 pass). Pierre Neirinck initially
    also failed to observe it during that pass and saw it re-appear low in the sky
    at 19:33 UTC (from his home in France).
    In the cases I observed it did re-appear in one case (March 14, but not very
    bright) but I didn't time that. Note that I do not have visibility below 40
    degrees altitude from my location so if it re-appears there I cannot see it.
    - Marco
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