Re: Lacrosse 5 "disappearance trick" captured

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 04:10:59 EDT

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    ALLEN THOMSON wrote:
    > --- Marco Langbroek <> wrote:
    >> Lacrosse 5 is still doing its odd rapid "disappearance trick"...
    > As has probably been mentioned, the only explanations that seem to make
    > sense are that it has a large specular or very black surface that hides
    > the main body at certain angles. The specular surface would hide the
    > main body when it's oriented to show the observer a view of black
    > space. What that surface might be is a planar radar antenna or maybe (I
    > don't think so, but maybe) a solar panel.  
    It has to be something like that, yes. Back in March I have reported a number of
    timings for the "disappearance trick" too so perhaps it is possible to correlate
    these to a certain spacecraft attitude.
    Lacrosse 5 clearly is an odd bird compared to the earlier Lacrosses:
    * it is brighter (visually and photographically);
    * instead of red-orange it is yellow in colour;
    * the other Lacrosse-birds don't do the "disappearance-trick"
       (instead, they show short flares)
    Goes to show that if you have seen one Lacrosse, you ain't seen them all...
    >  An "anti-flare", so to speak.
    Ha! That is what I call it myself too (only the effekt lasts longer than the
    typical flare).
    - Marco
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