Re: Lacrosse 5 "disappearance trick" captured

Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 21:49:34 EDT

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    --- Marco Langbroek <> wrote:
    > Lacrosse 5 is still doing its odd rapid "disappearance trick"...
    As has probably been mentioned, the only explanations that seem to make
    sense are that it has a large specular or very black surface that hides
    the main body at certain angles. The specular surface would hide the
    main body when it's oriented to show the observer a view of black
    space. What that surface might be is a planar radar antenna or maybe (I
    don't think so, but maybe) a solar panel.  
    I'd guess that the specular possibility is much more likely - indeed, I
    think that Iridium satellites probably do the same thing when oriented
    properly with respect to the observer. An "anti-flare", so to speak.
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