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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 22:31:54 EDT

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    I very much appreciate everyone's advice even if it isn't something I will 
    use right now. I like the software I have but, cost for multiple computer 
    usage is my biggest problem. I can use a power point projector but that does 
    not allow each participant to work with the subject matter themselves.
    I have a question that I more or less asked earlier but am elaborating on 
    now. That is, does anyone know of a planetarium program, free ort 
    not, -other than TheSky- that shows satellites moving in real time against a 
    background of stars? Up until a few hours ago I assumed that most of them 
    did. Nuts. Maybe there is something less expensive than TheSky. The two CDs 
    we purchased a few years ago were about $240.00 for a single computer; it 
    may be less these days. The unfortunate thing is we had to get much more 
    than a basic program to work with TLEs.
    I'm apparently spoiled by real time graphics. For example, while outside 
    with my laptop I see a satellite passing through a certain constellation and 
    look up and there it is (assuming it's bright enough to see). The only thing 
    better would be if the satellite image would get bigger or change color if 
    the predicted brightness was greater.
    TheSky also lets a user speed through time at any of a number of different 
    intervals, forward or back. [[Do other programs do that?]] TheSky can be set 
    to show the path of the satellite against the star field but does not show 
    time marks. I have to determine that for the seconds (not for the hours or 
    minutes) by going to a Data file, but that's only one click away.
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