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From: Max Neupert (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 16:59:46 EDT

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    Am 20.07.2006 um 21:40 schrieb
    > "Does anyone have a suggestion for a planetarium  software (cheap  
    > or free)
    > that would meet my needs that I could -teach 8th  grade students-  
    > how to use?
    > We use PCs with Windows 2000. The list of  software here
    > is a bit overwhelming,  albeit very
    > useful. "
    > Do you do any programming at all? As an  example, I have a small sat
    > prediction program which I designed for access from  my cell phone  
    > (you can see it at
    > The code is not too complicated,  if you want to try  
    > to make
    > your own version. It does not use the long algorithms  for  
    > satellite orbital
    > motion --just precessing Keplerian ellipses-- but it works  within  
    > a couple of
    > tenths of a degree in most cases.
    hi list.
    this is my first post here after reading it for some weeks.
    short introduction: i am currently doing a master in media arts in  
    halle/germany. former projects include one educational on light  
    pollution. it was done for the museum of civilization in quebec. it  
    might be interesting for this list: http:// 
    i don't know if i should better start a new topic rather than  
    replying to this one but for my current project i want to write a  
    script that places the viewpoint of google earth to a satellites  
    position. it does not have to be very precise. so the code mentioned  
    above by frank seems to be a good starting point. basically i wonder  
    how to get from a .tle file to the degrees position used in google  
    earth. or am i trying to invent the wheel again? did someone already  
    coded that?
    thank you for any replies and help.
    Burg Giebichenstein
    Hochschule für Kunst und Design
    Halle, Deutschland
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