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From: Jack L. Metcalfe (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 16:09:46 EDT

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    At 02:33 PM 7/20/2006, Tom Wagner wrote:
    >I recently started a "creative project" for my Master's degree. 
    >Yesterday I talked to my advisor about it and got to telling him 
    >about the satellite observing class I recently developed for middle 
    >schoolers. He said that the astronomy profs at the school would 
    >really like the activities I came up with for that topic and 
    >suggested I switch from integrating GIS in my biology classroom to 
    >developing a unit on satellite observing for my 8th grade earth science class.
    >Presently I use a planetarium software called TheSky by Bisque. 
    > It's easy to use and I'm 
    >used to using it. I need software that employs TLEs to produce 
    >satellite predictions that shows their tracks against a star field 
    >etc. The problem is I would like to have a software that I could 
    >download to maybe 15 computers. I cannot find anything at Bisque's 
    >website about obtaining a license for multiple computer usage. I 
    >probably couldn't get approval to pay the $ for it anyway, 
    >especially during the summer months!
    >Does anyone have a suggestion for a planetarium software (cheap or 
    >free) that would meet my needs that I could -teach 8th grade 
    >students- how to use? We use PCs with Windows 2000. The list of 
    >software here is a bit 
    >overwhelming, albeit very useful. I need to get feedback from actual users.
    >If appropriate, please feel free to respond directly to me. Thanks in advance!
    Have you looked at Cartes Du Ciel?  It's free and includes satellite 
    predictions......I think.
    Jack L. Metcalfe
    Stanford, KY
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