Re: Sat Prediction Software advice

Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 15:40:59 EDT

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    "Does anyone have a suggestion for a planetarium  software (cheap or free) 
    that would meet my needs that I could -teach 8th  grade students- how to use? 
    We use PCs with Windows 2000. The list of  software here is a bit overwhelming,  albeit very 
    useful. "
    Do you do any programming at all? As an  example, I have a small sat 
    prediction program which I designed for access from  my cell phone (you can see it at The code is not too complicated,  if you want to try to make 
    your own version. It does not use the long algorithms  for satellite orbital 
    motion --just precessing Keplerian ellipses-- but it works  within a couple of 
    tenths of a degree in most cases.
    42.0N 87.7W,  or 41.4N 72.1W.  
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