Re: Double Exposure : Two telescopes capture Discovery/ISS solar transit

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 02:31:07 EDT

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    ALLEN THOMSON wrote:
    >Yesterday afternoon fellow UK observer Chris Batty joined me on the Wirral 
    >coast to capture a solar transit by ISS and Discovery.We set up two 
    >identical telescopes just a couple of meters apart.
    It would be interesting to get synchroni[sz]ed two-telescope observations 
    with a large enough separation that there would be a measurable parallax. 
    That way you could measure the distance to the satellite.
    JAY RESPLER wrote:
    >You could also get some nice 3D pictures of ISS in front of sun.
    I think that to see it in 3D the cameras would have to have been very far 
    apart or two pictures would need to be taken from a relatively long interval 
    of time apart. See: for an example.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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