Re: Magnitude of the ISS-Shuttle pair

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 15:03:41 EDT

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    Just observed a shadow exit pass in a  moonlit dawn sky, after conclusion of 
    EVA 3.
    Not as spectacular as the previously reported pass, maximum magnitude 
    appeared to be only around -1.However this is slightly brighter than Heavens 
    Above prediction of 0.5 for the ISS.   There would have been no chance of 
    attempting observation of the spacewalkers had they still been out there.
    Through the 7 x 50s it could be seen that there were two structures 
    conjoined.    Incidentally I realised that perhaps the unusual configuration 
    I observed last time could be attributed to the fact that the arm would have 
    been extended for the EVA.
    A query was recently made by someone on the list concerning visibility in 
    daylight, as I recall it there was a discussion on this some years ago 
    though I do not have time to go back over the posts at present.    One thing 
    though in favour of better visibility is that the next shuttle will 
    hopefully bring another truss and assuming the current mission continues to 
    be successful it appears likely the construction will proceed.
    New Zealand
    (got it right this time, unfortunately I am not able to use a signature file 
    and have to type location every time owing to a certain program that has 
    messed it up, I hope to track down how to fix that!)
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    > Unfortunately at the time of my observation I overlooked that it was 
    > during the EVA.   Had I realised I would have observed more closely:  in 
    > view of the fact that observations have been made of Suitsat it is not 
    > inconceivable that on such a good pass there was at least some possibility 
    > of observing the astronauts.
    > I have vague recollections that there may have been some small dots on the 
    > side of the complex but this may be wishful thinking- without a 
    > photographic record I will never know!
    > Robert
    > Wainuiomata
    > New Zealand
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