From: Erkenswick, Tom M. \(JSC-DM3\) (tom.m.erkenswick@nasa.gov)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 10:16:34 EDT

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    I was wondering if someone can ID a flashing object for me.
    My location was lat 29.55 deg, long -95.36 deg.  The time was 03:58 - 04:00 UTC today.  The object caught my eye with a single bright flash, close to but not quite the magnitude of Jupiter, approximate location azimuth 005 deg, elevation 30 deg.  I continued to look in that direction and saw two more flashes (less bright) at uneven intervals, and the object was moving in a mostly northerly direction (as best I could tell from only three data points).  Between the flashes I could not see the object at all.
    I checked H-A, and the Resurs 1-4 Rocket (SPACECOM 25400, International 1998-043-G) matched the track pretty well but was predicted to show up a full 5 minutes later (04:03 - 04:07 UTC).  Of course a rocket body makes sense for the flashing, but I can't imagine such a difference being due to decay given that this rocket is at 800+ km.
    Tom M. Erkenswick
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