flash from Galaxy 3R observed

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jul 09 2006 - 00:18:31 EDT

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    Tonight while observing any flares from Telstar 402R, I notice a slow flash.
    Time was 3:48:08 UTC 
    Position of flash around 
    16 h 41 m R.A
    -6 deg 17 min Dec
    Around 1/2 degree from Magnitude 6.7 star called Tycho 5061 567
    A good match with Galaxy 3R ( 23741 )
    It was retired from service in Jan 2006. I had posted a note on seesat about it's retirement. As I
    couldn't rememeber tonight, if it had been retired, I had to check to see. I should have made a
    note somewhere.
    Hazy sky tonight, looks to be better then last night.
    Will now keep my eye, on galaxy 3R tonight.
    44.6062 N 
    75.6910 W
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