Re: Magnitude of the ISS-Shuttle pair

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2006 - 04:12:59 EDT

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    We have an early morning shadow exit pass here at 1837 UTC.  Heavens Above 
    gives a maximum mag of 0.4 and Calsky -0.6
    Any  in this region  may care to attempt observation, I hope to do so but 
    despite the forecast being for fine weather there seems a strong possibility 
    of being clouded out if the present conditions are anything to judge by!
    I note that Christchurch, New Zealand has prospects for some excellent 
    evening passes.
    New Zealand
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    > My estimate last night as pair passed 5 deg under (SE) of Vega in medium
    > twilite was -2.5, 
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