Re: STS-121 Seen (?)

From: Mike DiMuzio (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2006 - 01:02:44 EDT

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    I also saw STS-121 three minutes late, even though the last elsets 
    posted gave it maybe 20 to 30
    seconds behind the ISS, which was spectacular, about the same brightness 
    as Jupiter, and just missed
    both Spica and the moon....alas, no pics.
    Brad Young wrote:
    >Waited after ISS pass even though STS-121 predicted
    >for 5 minutes ahead of it. Saw object 1X along path
    >parallel to prediction about 3 min after ISS:
    >10h22m +15.5 3:38:17 UT
    >11h23m +8    3:39:00 UT
    >then quickly into shadow. +1.5 mag at best. I assume
    >this was STS-121? Or has a Progress been jettisoned?
    >Checked against latest elset but no conclusion.
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