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Date: Wed Jul 05 2006 - 14:29:48 EDT

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    The capability (or rather lack thereof) of the current U.S. missile
    defense network is off topic (and a long conversation), but in the
    opinion of many experts such an attempt was never considered except to
    drum up public/political support for the sputtering program.
    But with regard to the Shuttle, it is going to dock with the space
    station, which is at an altitude of slightly less than 340 km. An ICBM
    can reach as high as 1,000 km. So, altitude isn't an issue. The Tapeo
    Dong II, in addition, was launched about an hour and half after the
    Shuttle (the first Scud was launched at about the same time, but of
    course, it doesn't have the range to go into space), so not sure how
    that computes with whatever altitude the Shuttle was at that time. One
    of our science fellows is looking into it, initially he was concerned
    that the Tapeo Dong might have presented a debris risk to the Shuttle. 
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    There was some talk last week that the U.S. might attempt to shoot down
    N. Korean long range missile. Of course the rocket didn't get very far
    but I
    was wondering if the launch times had any relation to Space shuttle
    I was just wondering if they may have thought the US might hesitate to
    an anti-icbm with the shuttle in the area? Would this be a realistic
    scenario or is the Shuttle way too high?
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