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Date: Mon Jul 03 2006 - 17:59:35 EDT

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    I have received private emails from a couple folks.
    Bjorn Gimle gave me three possible ID's plus images from
    I should have mentioned in my post that my timings were not
    precise. The watch I referenced was not calibrated so accounting
    for that, the timing differences for the possible ID's from
    Bjorn would fit fine.
    Looking at the charts provided, 25910 GLOBALSTAR M055 matches
    my first pass, and 10491 COSMOS 963 matches my second pass.
    I also recieved an email from Brian Hunter suggesting that my
    first object was indeed 2004 XP14. But as I detailed in my
    reply to him, in short,
       wrong direction
       too bright
       too fast (crossed 30x view in only 1 second)
       Sky & Telescopes charts for LA had XP14 passing closer
       to Delta Cas. I was only looking at Gamma Cas because
       that's where Cartes du Ciel predicted the track, and
       30 minutes behind S&T's charts.
    Unfortunately I don't do enough sat watching anymore to even
    bother keeping updated TLE's. About all I do is try to catch
    the occasion Iridium flare.
    Thank you both for helping!
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