RE: STS-114 / ISS Double Sun Transit

From: Stephan Szyman (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 21:34:27 EDT

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    >Gerhard HOLTKAMP wrote:
    >We (a group of 5)	observed the joint transit of Discovery and the ISS in 
    >of the Sun at 10:17:43 UTC (one hour before docking) at position 4949'51''
    >N, 839'06'' E. At that  time Discovery was 600 ft (183 meters) below the 
    >which from our perspective resulted in a 53 arcsec seperation. (It was at
    >that precise moment that they got ready for the photography of the Shuttle
    >underside from the ISS.) The visual experience in our small group varied 
    >clearly seeing the ISS and Discovery to just seeing the ISS to seeing 
    >at all. This was due to the fact of the short transit time (0.5 sec) as 
    >as the difference in contrast between the larger ISS and the smaller 
    I was watching nasa tv and j-track during the approach,  backflip, and 
    docking.  I remember clearly the view of spain, the basque country, france, 
    and north-central germany.  I wonder if darmstadt was in that view.
    anyhow,  I'm curious,  what equipment or filters were you utilizing to 
    observe the sun during the transit?  did you have  5 scopes?  or were you 
    wearing some special glasses or something?
    I'd sure like to try to see a solar transit of the station sometime.  I saw 
    the venus transit and it was really wicked.
    clear skies!
    stephan szyman
    chicago IL USA
    41.6840N, 87.7000W; 188m asl
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