From: Stephan Szyman (szymanss@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 29 2005 - 05:38:46 EDT

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    I just returned from the backyard hammock.
    I was out there to watch a pass of lacrosse 4 rocket, which passed VERY 
    close to vega, nearly "striking" it at 08:42:29 UTC.  I followed the object 
    as it passed through delphinus and until it disappeared, entering the shadow 
    at 08:45:00 UTC just near ancha (theta aqr)
    after that, I figured, "I'll just lie here and wait until iridium 10 flares 
    to -6th magnitude in the east at 08:53:40 UTC,"  but before I could complete 
    the thought, I caught sight of a satellite I can't identify using my only 
    resource, HA.
    I caught sight of it near enif (epsilopn peg) and about 1 minute or so later 
    it faded near pi cassiopeiae at approximately 08:50:37 UTC.  it was quite 
    dim, probably between 3.8 and 4.2.
    I'd sure like to know what that one was.
    clear skies!
    stephan szyman
    chicago IL USA
    41.6840N, 87.7000W; 188m asl
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