STS-114? where are u

Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 22:24:09 EDT

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    Hi folks:
     Just curious - last nite 7/28 ~ UT 12:13I had both the ISS
    and STS plotted and found the tles indicated STS ~ 5 minutes
    EARLIER than ISS. Both shared similar trajectory.  
      I thought this could be a good opportunity to capture both
    on a >12 minutes cum exposure. But somehow I did not see STS
    at all only ISS appeared on time..... 
     Am I missing something? Didanyone observed STS per HA or
    Space-track TLE source on 7/28?
     I have no more viewing 'window' either today ( too low in
    the horizon)... 
    BTW : where do i get the schedulle for the docking/undocking
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