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From: skywise (
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 17:13:01 EDT

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    Bram Dorreman wrote:
    > Hello Brian,
    > You reported a flash observation:
    >>Through some private email it was suggested that my unid was
    >>fltsatcom 3 (norad 11669). Checking with HA and their TLE's
    >>I've confirmed that's what I saw.
    >>Here's my raw timings and time of first flash (within 1 sec).
    >>52.891 - 21:21:49 PDT July 5, 2005
    > etc.
    > As PPAS collector I like to add your observation to our PPAS database.
    > I have some questions about it.
    > 1) Can you tell me (or any other interested person) the difference (in hours
    > I suppose) between PDT and UTC.
    PDT (Pacific Daylight Savings) is -7 hours.
    > 2) It has once been agreed to use the observer's initials (2 or 3
    > characters) in the observation record, like my initials are BD (Bram
    > Dorreman). What initials can I apply for your record?
    BCV are my full initials.
    > 3) What are the geographical coordinates of the location from which you
    > observe?
    I usually just use 118.0 west, 33.8 north, since I'm so close.
    To be more precise, 118.0011 west, 37.7999 north.
    > A description of how to report PPAS observations can be found at
    > The URL explaning the format of PPAS observations :
    > I shall complete your observation in PPA format as soon I have the answers
    > on my questions above.
    Thank you. This would be my first entry. I'm just a casual observer so
    it may be a long time before I ever have flash timings again.
    BTW, my first posted timings had an error in two entries. Did you see
    my post showing the corrections?
    > Best regards
    > Bram Dorreman
    > Collector PPAS observations
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