Re: NC-2 second ISS-rendezvous rocket firing

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Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 09:39:38 EDT

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    Thanks Ted....
    In fact about two hours ago , the info came to hand and Calsky was updated , 
    the result was a shift in ground track by about 1.7 km or so.
    That boost put the shuttle on a direct transit , acros the sun , from my 
    home location.
    Unfortunately , despite the fact that camera was running etc , the weather 
    got the better of me , and I saw absolutely ................nothing :O(
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    > John asked:
    >> Can anyone tell me how noticeable this burn will be as far as
    >> ground track is concerned ?......and if the TLEs incorporating the burn
    >> are yet available ?
    > Elsets covering all orbital phases of the mission are available via this 
    > web
    > page (hit the red icon):
    > At the moment, that page appears to be the same one posted pre-launch, but 
    > based
    > on past behaviour, it is likely to be updated at least several times 
    > during the
    > mission, so when you need precise predictions, check for updates as late 
    > as
    > possible before you observe.
    > The table at the top of the page lists all remaining planned manoeuvres. 
    > See the
    > column IMPULSIVE TIG, for their date and time. The rightmost column lists 
    > the
    > apogee and perigee height (HA, HP) in nautical miles, by which you can 
    > easily
    > tell whether the effect of the manoeuvre will be large or small (at least 
    > for
    > those that are mostly in-plane).
    > State vectors in Cartesian and TLE form are presented for each manoeuvre 
    > on the
    > remainder of the page. They are presented for "Coasting arcs" which cover 
    > the
    > period between successive orbital manoeuvres. For example, on the 
    > pre-launch
    > page, the first manoeuvre time in the table was on day 207/15:17:08.227 
    > GMT (aka
    > UTC). Scanning through the page, I find a match in
    > "Coasting Arc #2 ...", which states a Vector Time (GMT): 
    > 2005/207/15:17:41.987
    > shortly after the manoeuvre.
    > It would be nice if the table of manoeuvres included a reference or a link 
    > to
    > the corresponding coasting arc #. Perhaps I will send in a suggestion.
    > Perhaps someone could write a script to link to the page and extract a 
    > subset of
    > the data, containing, say, only the starting and ending time of each 
    > coasting
    > arc, and the corresponding TLE, something like what I did manually 
    > pre-launch:
    > Ted Molczan
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