From: Stephan Szyman (
Date: Sun Jul 24 2005 - 04:19:41 EDT

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    according to the johns hopkins university applied physics laboratory 
    MESSENGER website,  the spacecraft will make a gravity-assist flyby of the 
    earth, "closest approach of 1,458 miles (2,347 kilometers) over central Asia 
    at 3:13 p.m. EDT on Aug. 2."
    I realize it will be broad daylight here at that time but I hope someone who 
    reads this will be able to observe this pass.
    reading the august-99 seesat-L archive,  I see that there were a lucky few 
    who observed cassini in a similar flyby.  MESSENGER will approach much 
    closer to the surface; however it's also a much smaller object than cassini.
    clear skies!
    stephan szyman
    chicago IL USA
    41.6840N, 87.7000W; 188m asl
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