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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 15:20:38 EDT

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    Quoting Björn Gimle (much abridged):
    > The observations I used:
    > 98765 05 697A   9730 P 20050716041348500 
    > 98765 05 697A   9730 P 20050716041405500 
    > 98765 05 697A   9730 P 20050716041452800 
    > 98765 05 697A   9730 P 20050716041519500 
    > 98765 05 697A   9730 P 20050716041547500 
    > 98888 05 697A   9730 P 20050716041613500 
    > 98765 00 000B   0002 G 20050702051358500 
    > 98765 00 000B   0002 G 20050702051451800 
    > 98765 00 000B   0002 G 20050702051553500 
    > 98765 00 000B   0002 G 20050702051645500 
    Thank you Björn for looking into this!  Mike has done so 
    also, behind the scenes.  I and Mike and Fred have spent 
    some time trying to see the object, as the weather has 
    permitted (not so much in the last few nights), and given 
    the very wide-open possibilities as to its mean motion, etc.  
    I want to emphasize that my points on July 16 (except for 
    the last one, the shadow-entry point) are, I believe, much 
    better quality than those on July 2.  On July 2 I assumed I 
    was seeing something that would be easily identified and so 
    did not try to get precise points.  The next night (i.e., 
    July 3) I found myself puzzling about them, although as Mike 
    and I have discussed, they probably were within five degrees 
    of reality.  (I might add maybe within two degrees.)  On the 
    other hand, I think that the first five July 16 points were 
    fairly good.  I tried them with Scott Campbell's Elfind 
    program and got pretty comparable results with all ten pair
    combinations, although that program calculates a circular 
    orbit, which of course does not fit this object.  (For the 
    July 2 points, Elfind gave wildly different results for the 
    various combinations of pairs of positions.)
    It's very possible that tonight will be cloudy due to feeder 
    bands from far-away Hurricane Emily (not so far from Paul
    in McAllen!).  Later this week, under the full Moon, there
    may be fewer clouds.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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