Re: fast, bright unid coincident with HST

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 19:44:09 EDT

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    Brad Young asked:
    > Did you see HST and the UNID? or was it a second flare of HST?
    Saw them both at the same time, with HST several degrees higher 
    in the sky.  I haven't seen any reports that anyone else saw it.  
    I do have one report from San Antonio that it was not seen by 
    someone who did see HST.
    Regarding the double flares on July 3, the HST weekly timeline
    that includes that day is online now but still seems not to 
    cover the exact time of that report.
    Regarding HST flares (a.k.a. glints), besides the aft shroud 
    are the aperture door (which can be open or closed) and just a 
    good reflection from the entire length of it at once.  Perhaps 
    another possibility may be actually to see it while it's slewing 
    from one target to another.  
    Different item.  I came across the following BBC article about 
    NOSS triangles:
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