Re: STS-114 Launch Window/Plane

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 13:11:17 EDT

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    Tony Dinkel said:
    > This may be way too elementary for most of you but from my understanding 
    > of the STS ISS orbit insertion trajectory, which is minimal, they do not 
    > burn out of plane.  They make every effort to align the launch azimuth so 
    > they end up in the same inclination as ISS.  Out of plane manuvers are 
    > very fuel inefficient for STS and they need to conserve OMS prop for on 
    > orbit and deorbit.
    That's right. Such matters were the topic of an article in the March/April 
    2002 issue of the Smithsonian Air & Space magazine. See also from 1996, which explains the main considerations. 
    For the purposes of this discussion, Mir and ISS are basically the same 
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