Re: fast, bright unid coincident with HST

From: Brad Young (
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 10:14:29 EDT

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    Ed Cannon <> wrote:
    >Sunday evening local time (early July 11 UTC), while 
    >watching HST, I suddenly noticed to the south of it a 
    >bright (magnitude +1.5 and steady), fast-moving eastbound 
    Just as a note, we in Tulsa saw a double HST flare both Fri and Sat nights
    at the "9:25 ish" pass. But nothing last night, not even a good view of HST
    at 3rd magnitude. Did you see HST and the UNID? or was it a second flare of
    HST? I know I was pleasently surprised when I figured out it was the same
    I suggested to the Astronomy Club of Tulsa gathering that both nights the
    first (and brighter, -2 mag) flare seemed to be right when HST was due south
    of Comet Tempel, almost as if it was "looking at it". I think I saw some
    mention of this earlier on this list - coincidence?
    Brad Young, PE
    +36.1, -95.9, 201m
    Tulsa, OK 74103 USA
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