Ang: Re: Help ID slow flasher

Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 10:13:38 EDT

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    Thanks, George,
    both your objections may be true
    (I know you can view your own movies/videos in 3D with a dark grey glass
    in front of one eye - if you photographed right or left from a moving vehicle,
    or moved the camera or rotated the target object)
    But it is also not unreasonable that the effect was synodic, since the
    FltSatCom has a slow rotation, and was ascending towards culmination 
    all the time.
    >> 5/ The graph of 1/6 period indicates a synodic effect: 63.486s initially, 63.570
    >> s mostly, 63.630s at the end?
    >Regarding increasing periods for a slow flasher:  Could it be that as the 
    flashes become
    >fainter, they are noticed 0.1 seconds later?  maybe the flash lasts for 
    0.2 seconds but
    >as it becomes fainter, it is visually shorter and shorter pulse width.  
    Or maybe the eye
    >reacts more slowly to fainter flashes.
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