From: Robert Morgan (
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 08:44:45 EDT

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         On 2005.07.03 while awaiting the pending impact
    with Comet 9P/Tempel 1 I had two(2) unidentified
    satellite passes occur in the telescope field of view.
    Both objects were of moderate, steady speed, and both
    objects were bright. These passes did not appear to be
    meteors as any meteors I've had pass through telescope
    fields have always been very fast, and very bright!
    Aircraft are ruled out as the only one in the vicinity
    was a small, local aircraft. I checked with Heaven's
    Above, but found no matches for either occurance.
         The first pass happened at 22:50 PDT (05:50 UT).
    My telescope was aimed at azm:231.5d alt:25d.
         The second pass happened at 23:12PDT (06:12 UT).
    The telescope was aimed at azm:235.5d alt:22d.
         My home coordinates are: Long: 119d 45m W
                                   Lat: 39d 11m N
                     Location: Carson City, Nevada
         Thank you for any assistance in identifying these
    objects, which at this point I am certain were
                              Clear, dark skies,
                                  Robert Morgan
                                  Amateur Astronomer
                                  Carson City, Nevada USA
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