Re: what's the largest geo sat ever built

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 21:53:47 EDT

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    --- Robert Holdsworth <> wrote:
    > Sorry I should have said "telecommunications."   Though I guess even that 
    > may be open to dispute.  If so please don't shoot me I am only the 
    > messenger!
    Nothing against you. I was responding to that message, where they say they will launch the largest
    geo sat. I had seen the note from the arienespace to.
    I was asking for what's the largest geo sat in terms of size. That's why to me, when they say it's
    are the largest, it's not! They might be heaver, but they are smaller then the milstars.
    Jens Wehrmann wrote
    .1 Size: the Titan Centaur launched NRO payloads 94-054, 95-022, 96-026,
    98-029, 03-041, if they really have this 100m+ antenna :)
    Then these are the largest geo sat, if true about there size.
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