Bright unknown?

From: Steve Newcomb (
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 21:48:14 EDT

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    On 7-4-05 4:05:00 UTC saw unaide eye an unknown flare to approximate -4 mag
    Pherkad, gamma ursa minor, heading toward the east. At maximun brightness it
    seemed different than an Iridium flare, not sure how to describe. I had only
    just looked to that part of sky when object was seen . If I made a 1 minute
    error in writing down the time, from watch with accuracy thought to be
    within 5 seconds, then Orbcomm18 would be in area but I don't remember
    seeing an Orbcomm flare before. After 2 seconds
    viewing maximun flare it quickly went to a 3 or 4 mag for another 4 seconds
    before fading completely out.
    Any other ideas or  Orbcomm 18?
    Lat. 39.4707 Lon. -79.3388 Alt. 2753 ft. -4 UTC
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